Ready for Sacred Rebel Retreat?

May 26-30, 2021

Sedona, Arizona 2021


Join Candice & Nikyla

Co-founders of SOUL EVOLution for an epic journey on their Annual Sacred Awakening Retreat. 

Are you a driven, soulful, person who's ready to take time for yourself and discover what soul gifts lie hidden within? 


In that hustle, are you truly loving and nurturing yourself or putting yourself on the backburner about to burn out?


Maybe you find yourself always busy, always taking care of others, and always the "responsible" one that handles it all.


Do you dare break away from the to do lists and agendas to sneak away on a vacay and give yourself the much needed time to bring back that part of you you miss so much. 


Yes the one that is playful, fun, spontaneous, smiling and not so serious all the time...


SRSLY! It's time to release some tension and bring that sexy back.


Learn about those identities that keep you annoyed, angry, and frustrated and open your heart to embrace all of you.  


Sedona Arizona is the spiritual place to let go, be unapologetically you, and welcome in the spiritual vibes. 


We created a safe and sacred space so you can journey into the unknown and discover the authentic badass side of you and bring you home.  


Are you ready to align with your higher self and end the struggle so you can fit in a fun, pleasurable, spiritual life?


There's nothing more potent than a person who knows themselves inside and out with a host of spiritual guides who have your back.


Join the waitlist and meet us in Sedona Arizona!

Love and Light

Candice Box & Nikyla Maria

Co-Founders SOUL EVOLution


Need a little inspirational nudge, check out what a few of our retreat participants experienced!


I didn’t just want to come, I needed to come on a retreat. I needed to be here because my SOUL is crying out for a change and it has been crying out for a change for a long long time but I couldn’t do it on my own so I wanted to come for the support I could get to make transformation happen.


I got everything I was hoping for and more! It was amazing!  I got the support of the people I met and the tribe I met.


I know this is going to be exactly what I need to motivate myself to finally do what I have been trying to do for years alone. 


Candice and Nikyla were awesome teachers. They were beyond my expectation. Their knowledge and wisdom they brought to this retreat and so lovingly shared with us, blew me out of the water, I got way more than I expected.


They took us down deep into ourselves and allowed us to uncover the things that were blocking us so I can fully live my potential.


I wanted to come because

 I knew that I had put up blockages and created a place where my life was at a standstill, my business was at a standstill and I wasn’t going to move forward in anything because I had way too many fears from things that had happened in the past.


I got MUCH MORE than I ever expected from Nikyla & Candice. 


Everybody was so welcoming and loving. I feel lighter, like so much has been lifted from me. I no longer let those fears and negative beliefs I had stop me. I feel like I can work with it rather than against it. I loved all the activities and how they helped you navigate where you want to be, but more than anything I loved the AMOUNT of LOVE that was created in one place.


Taking time for me and being able to be me without putting up a front was the biggest breakthrough I had.



I think the biggest reason I wanted to come was because I felt like on the outside everything was great; I'm a successful business woman, nice house, everything is going good, good kids… But inside I felt like everything was falling apart. Self doubt, lack of confidence and I felt like my business wasn’t going anywhere. 


My biggest breakthrough was that I am my own roadblock, I faced my fears and stepped away from being my own worst enemy.  I figured out what the spiritual energetic roadblock was and how to go through it. 


I bonded with the women and the connection we will have is forever and amazing, but my favorite part was also the hardest and that was getting out of my comfort zone and learning how to be okay being uncomfortable. 


 I have never had many women friends and here being embraced by this tribe of women who welcome you and  love you and lift you higher, was incredible. 


Learning how to calm and ground myself was huge! If you want to grow as a person and in your business and you feel like your stuck but don’t know why or if you feel like everything is falling apart around you, or even if you know what is wrong but don't know how to take the next step then SOUL EVOLution retreat are a must ! YOU WILL HAVE A BREAKTHROUGH if you come and participate. I am so glad I CAME!

We hope to see you there!

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