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We are here to go on a SOUL EVOLution and learn how to break thru fear and limiting beliefs. We are so honored to be on this journey with you.

Candice Box

Master Soul Alchemist

Candice Box is a Master Soul Alchemist transforming limiting beliefs and re-patterning consciousness to live your mission and soul purpose.


Nikyla Maria

Life Transformational/Self-Empowerment Coach

Nikyla Stock Life Transformational Coach and Self-Empowerment Coach helping humans dig down deep, rid their lives of negativity, and fall deeply in love with themselves.

We are SOUL EVOLution

Free Your Soul Transform Your Life

Together we provide courses, coaching programs, and retreats

to support humans in raising their consciousness to live their best lives.



I am a master soul alchemist who transforms limiting beliefs and patterns so soulful human beings can love themselves and live their true purpose.


I went from feeling stuck, doubtful, and afraid of being my authentic self to trusting spiritual guidance and taking action and living my life.


I was an overly sensitive person always caring for others around me. It became too much and I lost myself. I turned to addictive behaviors to numb out my feelings and I spiralled into rebellion.


I knew I had to get in touch with my deep feelings and take steps to heal my heart and move forward with my life or knew I would remain in deep depression and disconnection. I learned to let go of my past and the limiting beliefs I believed to be true so that my true expression and light would shine again.


I took a 180 degree turn and became a healer by studying myself a long with many modalities to understand the deepest parts of me. I learned from amazing spiritually gifted teachers. For 15 years, I reconnected with my body, chakras, and subconscious mind. I learned about soul records and past lives and began spiritually clearing, releasing, and repatterning old beliefs and habits. I am truly grateful I transformed and learned to awaken my gifts. Afterwards, I felt a calling to support others with my experiences and gifts so my clients may turn to their authentic selves and truly love themselves on all levels.



Candice Box

Master Soul Alchemist

Nikyla Maria

Transformational Life and Self-Empowerment Coach

I am a Transformational Life and Self-Empowerment Coach who helps humans in dig deep, rid their lives of negativity, and fall deeply in love with themselves.


Hey there,
I am an agent of change, a rule breaker, a freethinker, a writer, a coach, an educator, an entrepreneur, a woman with soul, and of course, a badass human.


I live with the love of my life and our 3 beautiful children, whom I often refer to as, the tiny humans sharing my home. Girl number 1 is ten, girl number two is 9, and and the boy is 7. I went from an abusive divorce, no love for myself, no home, and a job that left me unsatisfied to living the life of my dreams, on my own terms.


I was born and raised in a small town in Utah but never really felt ‘at home’ there. I later moved to Washington State and knew that’s where I wanted to raise my kiddos.


I began working with physically and sexually abused woman at my community women's shelter and felt an overwhelming desire to do more good in the world. I earned a Bachelor's Degree in Education and then a Masters Degree in Administration, instructional Leadership, and Curriculum design. I now live my dream life. I am able to work from home (or anywhere with Wifi really), travel the world with my tiny humans and live the life I created without financial stress or burnout.


I promised myself that when I broke free from the darkness I would do everything in my power to make sure that other humans would not have to suffer as I did. That is why I started life coaching. I have a passion for helping soulful humans be the best they can be.


I firmly believe that this life is good and that we can have all we want in this world if only we believe it is ours for the taking. It is my promise to help those who are ready for their dream life, start to create it.



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