Start the Your 2020 Right!

By aligning your body, mind, and spirit and letting the heavy weight of what no longer serve you GO!


Take care of you and EXPRESS the BEST version of yourself!

Hi Love! Welcome!

We are so honored that your path has led you here!


We are here to help you EXPRESS YOURSELF using your truth to understand yourself and compassionately show the world who you really are.

It is our life mission to support you in speaking your truth so you can feel empowered as a woman, build healthy relationships, and be the change you wish to see in the world.

The truth will set you free!

Why is it hard to speak your truth? 

How often have you not said what you wanted to say because you didn't want to be wrong, look stupid, or feel rejected? 

So many times women's voices get shut down, not taken seriously, or brushed away. We are labeled too much, not enough, too sexy, too wild. 

Why can't we just be? 

Nikyla and Candice have joined forces because there is power in our truth. Too many women have been silent for too long losing their authentic selves and trading it in for status quo. 

We know you have big ideas. You are waking up to
Spiritual Truths. You feel moved to lead from your heart, connect compassionately, and change the world. 

We want to teach you how to speak your truth skillfully so you can manage your energy and let go of old beliefs and fears that no longer serve you. 

With our guidance, you will nurture your
SOUL to create an authentic joy-filled life. 

It's time to stop compromising yourself, your Spirit, and things that you love in order to look perfect, successful, ladylike, and people please. It's time to own your truth and step into your power so you can lead the way into the
Big Shift.

Candice Box

Candice Box is a Master Soul Alchemist and Spiritual Healer transforming limiting beliefs and re-patterning consciousness so you can live your mission and soul's true purpose.

Ready for a SOUL EVOLution? It requires an open heart, facing your truth, and breaking thru old programs of fear and limiting beliefs. You are being called to share your truth and live your God given potential. We are here for you to guide you on your journey with unconditional love.  So excited to meet you and can't wait to connect.


Love and Light!
Candice & Nikyla

Nikyla Maria

Nikyla Maria Life Transformational Coach and Self-Empowerment Coach helping women dig down deep, rid their lives of negativity, and fall deeply in love with themselves.

Align With 

Your Divine Self!

Appreciate Your Humaness

A journey of one thousand miles begins with the first step


Here is where to start!


We provide online courses, in depth coaching programs, and experiential retreats to support you in raising your consciousness to live your best life and express your truth. Let's connect to see what step your Soul is ready to take.



SOULful SOULutions Monthly Membership

If you want to make changes in your life, it is the little habits and micromovements that will allow you to make bigger steps toward your future.


Express Yourself Mini Course

Find Your Authentic Self Again! Truly open up to unconditional love for yourself and others by learning the foundational steps to nurturing your SOUL to create an authentic joy-filled life.

Sacred Rebel Retreat


Join Candice and Nikyla and a group of sensitive soulful humans for an amazing 5 days and 4 nights RETREAT and step into your POWER!



Manifestation Mojo Workshop

You are a powerful manifestor. Manifestation goes beyond just visualizing, wishing, or knowing. Manifestation is about focusing on your vision, knowing it is already yours by speaking it into existence.

Sacred Soul Embodiment

Year Long Mastermind

Are you searching for a way to stay in alignment with your soul, stick to new thought patterns, write a new story for yourself, and keep up with your spiritual practices?



"Thank you Candice and Nikyla for being so authentic and vulnerable. I feel encouraged to Share my truth! The truth is I'm scared as sh** and I want to scream and cry all at once. I'm learning to manage my energy and do some ancestral clearing and take salt baths by candle light to take care of me! I feel renewed and able to express my real truth unapologetically. I said yes to my soul and came out of the spiritual closet lol. 

Thank you Candice and Nikyla!"










Nurse Practitioner & Spiritual Healer

"My SOUL is crying out for a change and it has been crying out for a change for a long long time, but I couldn't do it on my own. I needed support to make this transformation happen. I got everything I was hoping for and more to motivate myself to finally do what I have been trying to do for years. Candice and Nikyla were awesome teachers. They were beyond my expectation in the knowledge and wisdom they so lovingly shared with me. I got way more than I expected. They took me down deep into myself and allowed me to uncover the things that were blocking me."








"I knew that I had put up blockages and created a place where my life was at a standstill, my business was at a standstill and I wasn't going to move forward in anything because I had way too many fears from things that had happened in the past. I got MUCH MORE than I ever expected from Nikyla & Candice. I feel lighter, like so much has been lifted from me. I no longer let those fears and negative beliefs I had stop me. I feel like I can work with it rather than against it. I loved all the activities and how Nikyla & Candice helped me navigate where I want to be, but more than anything I loved the AMOUNT of LOVE they have to give. Taking time for me and being able to be me without putting up a front was the biggest breakthrough i had. PURE FREEDOM."


Director/Owner Real Food Real Weightloss

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It's time for a

SOUL EVOLution!​

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