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Sacred SOUL Embodiment is the first year of our SOUL EVOLution Healing School where you learn through an ancient foundational energetic system that governs your life.


The chakra system opens up a world of energy that we each belong to.  Each of the 7 chakras corresponds to a different aspect of your life and relationships.  As you master your chakras, you master your life.  You’ll truly reprogram your mind, body, and spirit once and for all so you can start taking care of yourself and honoring what’s truly important to you. 


This is a highly experiential course where you will understand the wounding patterns that are running your life, showing up in your relationships, and how you do things (but don’t worry we will be with you every step of the way).  We create a safe space for our community to heal so you can feel supported, loved, and accepted on your journey. 


Our students benefit from our consistent support through one on one coaching sessions, marco polo support, accountability partnerships, processing sessions, and expert guest teachers.


 Your class becomes your soul tribe, you’ll experience; deep connections, unconditional love, mirroring authentic communication, and familial energy. As you do this work, you heal 7 generations forward and 7 generation back. So your entire family will benefit too!


In this this course, students will receive instruction self healing through the 7 Chakra System. 


This course is designed for healers and for non-healers, for advanced practitioners and beginners alike. Over a period of many years of traditional studies, clinical experience and spiritual development, Nikyla & Candice have developed a powerful and unique method of self healing and healing others. 


Please note that all students will have required reading, viewing, class homework, assignments, quizzes and case work assigned and will need to complete these to obtain the Course Certificate.

Love and Light

Candice Box & Nikyla Maria

Co-Founders SOUL EVOLution


Need a little inspirational nudge, check out what a few of our retreat participants experienced!

Amber Rose

“I wanted a better way in life.  I felt like something inside me was screaming out.  I was doing for everyone else because I thought that was the way.  Now I am stepping into my power.  I don’t have to fit into a circle or a box. Sacred SOUL Embodiment helped me accept all of me and heal deep wounds.  I understand now I can live my way, my unique way.  I don’t have to worry about expressing myself in a way that is acceptable to others.  I learned to set boundaries and value my expression and in turn I value others.  Where once I held expectations and judgement in my conversations, I now open up and share what I feel and what I need for support and nurturing with those close to me.  I am finding my voice.  This course is supportive and caters to each group member’s unique expression.


Before joining Sacred SOUL Embodiment, I questioned myself, am I worth putting time and effort into.  The investment helped me value myself and in turn the people in my life valued me more because I wasn’t expending myself to make them happy.   I wanted alignment and clear direction.  I was in the midst of a big change and everything inside me screamed out for something different.  I didn’t want to repeat the same mistakes in a new place in my life.  It was time to take myself on in a huge way and Sacred SOUL gave me clear direction.  I had a lot of fear, but I knew I was ready to embark on this journey to understand my soul and attune to my essence.  It was a challenge to sit with myself the parts I judged and didn’t like, but once I embrace it and loved on myself, the more accepting others became of me.  I had a fear of being authentically myself in front of other people but this course created such a special and sacred environment that I allowed myself to be vulnerable and express all of me and I felt encouraged and loved by each person in the group.  I am able to live and live with joy.


The beautiful heart to heart connections shared with me has supported me so much they are my friends, my soul mates.”

Jesse Boldt

“I can’t even explain what this course has done for me right now— it gets me emotional. I have support that I couldn’t even imagine within this group. I have grown in my self awareness, and have moved ( in some instances) from self judging to making conscious decisions to honor my feelings, speak my truth, and see things through a different lens. Or maybe no lens at all my eyes are just open to it all. It’s beautifully overwhelming. There’s definitely no turning back. I can’t thank you two (Candice and Nikyla) enough.My advice for new students is ~This course requires dedication to self and others. It is not a solo journey!! So be ready to be open and vulnerable for the best healing and connections to come through. You will be supported but you also have to own your own growth and honor where you are at on your own personal journey. It is not a place to compare yourself to other but instead connect, nurture and expand your awareness of how powerful, beautiful and interconnected we all are as a sisterhood. It will be hard and there will be distractions and excuses but if you truly lean in and commit fully there is no way you will not come out feeling like a whole new person. You will have so many tools to navigate through life and have a clear vision of how you personally want to show up and contribute to this thing called life. Cheers to you for taking this step.”


  Jesse Boldt

Clem Lefrades

Hello everyone! Hello beautiful beings I decided to join School see, I knew in my spirit that I needed to make a shift and a change. I kept hitting a wall, and wanted more success, more love, more relationships, more evolution in my life but I kept getting stuck and I couldn’t figure it out. Also working with the group and hearing their stories and listening to what she’s gone through, it brings me back to some of the things I’ve gone through and it helps me process while she’s processing. So that is a huge benefit of being in class 2 is you might not be the only one speaking on that situation but it helps process through, heal it and let it go and that’s been really, really great. I come from a line of healers, I tried to push it away and didn’t want it, I wanted to go into the corporate world and be a successful business person but Spirit just kept bringing it to me and led me to Nicole and Candice. You can push away what is brought to you but eventually you cannot ignore it anymore. Eventually you will be set up and want more for your life or get a line to where you should be and that’s how it feels at Sacred Soul. I feel I am aligned and I am right where I’m supposed to be and everything flows a lot better in my life. I’m so much happier.

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