Chakra Challenge

Feel more confident, creative, and joy in your life with a basic understanding of your body's energy centers.

Do you feel blocked, burnt out, resentful, out of control, or lost?


Are you ready to trust yourself, open your heart, tap into your intuition, and feel confident and powerful in every aspect of your life?


Don't let the programs of deep beliefs, unconscious patterns, and habits run you!  Become aware of what no longer serves you so you can step into who you are made to be.

 Take a journey through the chakras...

Each person's journey is different and unique. 


We heal and grow at our own pace in Divine timing. 


Know that nothing is wrong with you.  You aren't broken.  It's ok to not be ok.  Your soul is ready for a breakthrough and looking for guidance to shift into higher states of being. 


It's time to reclaim yourself and live a life worth living. 


We know this healing journey isn't something we can put a timetable on... 


That's why we give you lifetime access to the Chakra Challenge to settle in and learn how to harness and shift your energy in your day to day experiences so you can align to your highest blueprint.


Go at your own pace in your own time.


Learn how to...

  • Go within and work with your energy centers to heal, release, and rebuild yourself.
  • Understand the process and up-level your life instantly. 
  • Become aligned spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically so that you have a solid foundation.
  • Integrate parts of you that have been disconnected for a long time. 
  • Feel restored, peaceful, and full of love.


This process is something we want you to fall in love with and use as your guide map to support you in the tough times and reclaim who you are.




Original investment of $222

Yours only for $77



My story...

    For a long time I thought something was wrong with me. I didn’t feel safe in this world that felt like it was out to get me.  When I tapped into the most innocent part of me, my light was dimmed because I didn't feel like I belong.  I couldn’t access my power, I felt defeated because others confirmed all the self punishing thoughts I was already saying to myself.


    I felt hurt and angry because no one seemed to understand me.  I wanted to love and be loved, but

    my heart was broken by all those closest to me and guarded by everyone new that I met.


    So I kept silent in my pain, smiling to assure that I was ok, but I wasn’t.  I felt so disconnected from myself and wondered where did it all go wrong.


    But things changed when I was introduced to this ancient process that helped me unravel who I really am.  I discovered how I was harboring energy about my circumstances and literally recreating them over and over again. 


    I saw how I was programmed to believe and behave a particular way that no longer served me.  I unearthed feelings I repressed and didn’t express that kept me closed and unavailable.


    This process helped me create a new foundation for myself so I can rebuild myself from the ground up.  I opened parts of me that I hid from the world to let the light in and purify me and now Nikyla and I feel called to share this process with you.

    Are you ready to...

    • Attract loving healthy relationships?  
    • Give yourself permission to speak your truth and share your authentic self?
    • Open your eyes to new possibilities and to see from higher states of consciousness? 
    • Connect back to the deepest part of yourself and start healing old wounds and aligning to who you really are?

    This process restores your life and relationships.  It's a roadmap to your inner blueprint which will transform your inner world and bring harmony in the outer world.  




    Original investment of $222

    Yours only for $77


    Join Nikyla and Candice, your go-to Spiritual coaches, and discover how to

    • Cleanse your physical body of toxicity and remove negative energy from your spirit!
    • Nourish each of the 7 chakras and tap into the power each one holds for you!
    • Understand the wounding patterns held within each chakra and set yourself free to live your best life!
    • Use affirmations to support each chakra and open yourself to positive energy!

    Here’s what you get:


    ● Forever access!  Thats' right.  You get membership access FOREVER, so you can reassess where you are and take your time going through each of the chakras.


    ● Also, a Comprehensive workbook for each of the 7 Chakras, a challenge guide that explains each of the individual chakras, how they affect you, and how to nourish each one!


    ● A Chakra Cheat Sheet so you can pinpoint areas of concern and focus on balancing and aligning the individual chakras!


    ● Chakra Daily Tracking Journal to help you recognize how your chakras align with your emotional state and physical symptoms!





    ● Daily videos with Candice & Nikyla teaching you about the wounding patterns associated with each chakra to help you become aware of how these patterns develop and how they might block you from creating the life you love.


    ● 7 days of Chakra Recipes to cleanse toxins and nourish your body to support chakra balance!


    ● Access to an exclusive Facebook group to share your experiences, lessons, and blessings about your journey through the chakras.


    ● Bi-weekly Q&A's to ask Candice and Nikyla questions about the chakras so you can get support in working with aligning and healing your chakras.




    Original investment of $222

    Yours only for $77


    Candice & Nikyla are amazing ladies. So blessed to have met them and have been able to learn from them. They are very gifted. They have an ability to read each person.  The friendships I have made, the skills I have learned helps me throughout my life so I can continue to progress on my journey as a woman, as a mother, and professional.  This has been an AMAZING experience. SOUL EVOLution  has truly transformed my life.  Thank you!




    Stacie Libenson


    My biggest challenge was coming up against feelings that I don’t understand.  It comes from a part of me that I don’t look at.  With the guidance of Candice & Nikyla, I learned to ask myself questions like- What is this feeling teaching me?  What is it that I am needing?  They helped me in my business and my relationships.  Now I am clarifying what I need and how I can support others.  I love being able to stay grounded.  I feel empowered and able to listen to others better. I understand myself and why I do the things I do especially in my day to day living.

    Leialoha Sattig


    Meet your Spiritual Coaches & Energy Healers

    Candice and Nikyla met in 2016 at a coaching conference.  They were destined to combine their leadership and healing skills to open up SOUL EVOLution Healing School and provide programs to help people all over the world understand themselves on deeper levels.  They have a strong relationship and connection where they honor one another's creative passions in business together and truly have an amazing friendship that inspires men and woman to have healthy communicative relationships while intimately loving, healing, and nurturing themselves.  The chakra process is their foundational platform to guide themselves and others to feel peaceful, safe, and supported on their path of alignment.

    Nikyla Maria

    Inner Child Oracle, Master Shaman & Spiritual Coach

    When I learned about my chakras, it opened up a whole new world in understanding my reactions that ruled my life and rebelled against all that I desired.  By understanding my chakras, I was able to step into my power and protect myself from feeling the weight of the world so that I can focus on my Divine Purpose and support sensitive human beings.  I teach that our sensitivities are a gift and our feelings our are guide to navigate our inner landscape and heal old wounds.

    Candice Box

    Master Soul Alchemist, Spiritual Healer & Conscious Relationship Coach

    My chakra journey was quite profound.  I discovered a part of me that felt so resistant to love and connection which guarded me from truly receiving and giving love.  I opened my heart and let love in.  I saw my patterns and began to change them for the better.  I now have amazing relationships in my life especially the one with myself.  The chakra process helps me open my heart and extend compassion to everyone I meet and now I teach others to do the same.

    Time and Investment


    The typical student spends between 1-2 hours per week (but you can definitely do it at your own pace.) watching the videos, doing the homework in the workbooks and, most importantly, applying new spiritual practices. This is an experiential challenge where you will begin to see how these energy centers reveal themselves.  Once the videos and workbooks are accessible to you, they will always be accessible. They will become the beginning of your foundational spiritual library. This means you can take the course at your own pace, and refer back to it whenever you need to.


    The course begins as soon as you register for it. You will be able to take the course at the time that works best for you and at your own pace.



    Original investment of $222

    Yours only for $77

    Before being introduced to SOUL EVOLution, I was looking for a way to heal past wounds.  I started the spiritual journey and knew there was a lot of stuff that was coming up that I didn’t know how to work through and didn’t want to do it on my own.  Shortly after, I met Candice and Nikyla and knew I had to work with them.  I never made myself a priority so having to choose to put myself first was a tough decision, but knew it had to happen.  So many patterns kept recurring and I realized I didn’t know how to stop the patterns.  I learned the skills to make those changes in myself and stop trying to change others.  I recognized the patterns within myself and was able to rewrite my story.  I no longer listened to others to respond and fix and I no longer feel the need to fix anything anymore.  I have more compassion and acceptance.

    Amanda Lacasse

    IT Consultant

    Before being introduced to SOUL EVOLution, I wanted a better way in life.  I felt like something inside me was screaming out.  I was doing for everyone else because I thought that was the way.  Now I am stepping into my power.  I don’t have to fit into a circle or a box. Candice & Nikyla  helped me accept all of me and heal deep wounds.  I understand now I can live my way, my unique way.  I don’t have to worry about expressing myself in a way that is acceptable to others.  I learned to set boundaries and value my expression and in turn I value others.  Where once I held expectations and judgment in my conversations, I now open up and share what I feel and what I need for support and nurturing with those close to me.  I am finding my voice.  This course is supportive and caters to each group member’s unique expression.

    Amber Rose


    Join the Chakra Challenge


    Enjoy True Health and Balance in Your Body, Mind, and Spirit!

    Balance, tune in, and align your chakras in 7 days
    so you can thrive physically, spiritually, and emotionally!




    Original investment of $222

    Yours only for $77

    ​Frequently asked questions

    Here are a few answers to our most common questions

    • 1. When does the challenge start?

      The course begins right when you sign up. A few minutes after you register, you will receive an email with a link to your exclusive membership site where you can access the videos and workbook for each of the 7 Chakras. Each day you will unlock access to the next chakra.  You will receive a reminder email with a link to access your membership site to view the next video and workbook to view when you are ready. You can take the course and watch the videos at your leisure, on your own time and at your own pace.  The course is yours forever!

    • 2. Can someone really open up their chakras through this course?

      Yes, yes you can. The Chakra system is an ancient process that is not fully accepted and given people a template for transformation.  When fully understood, you are able to dive into the depths of your own psyches and do the work required to make lasting changes in your inner and outer life. The Chakra Challenge is packed with years of experience, all formatted in such a way to move you forward, discover yourself and raise your vibration. Unlike many other chakra courses, our Chakra Challenge requires you to unlock the blocks that are holding you back and look at the wounding patterns and imbalances that are governing your life. We explain what each chakra means in depth so you can conceptualize what it is you are actually choosing that is not who you are but a wounded behavior. We provide the tools needed to work on opening your chakras. This is not a cookie cutter challenge. This challenge is geared to raise your energy and allow you to heal the patterns. Everyone has chakras, when you understand them and manage them, you open up your life your life to possibilities. 

    • 3. How long do I have access to the course?

      How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.

    Claim your spot below!

    WARNING: You may experience LIFE ALTERING breakthroughs! Be prepared for MAGIC, WONDER, and a whole lot of Breakthroughs!




    Original investment of $222

    Yours only for $77

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